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 Simple Program for Newbie - Beginners Code

1. Hello World
2. My Calculator
3. Message Box Activity
4. Check Box and Option Box Activity
5. Shapes and Lines Activity
6. Frame Visibility Activity
7. Countdown Timer Hours, Minutes, Seconds using Timer
8. Show and Hide Taskbar Tricks
9. Typing on reverse on Textbox in Real Time
10. Toolbar, Menu bar and Status bar example
11. ADODC in VB 6.0 to MS Access w/ DataGrid
12. Bubble Sorting in VB 6.0 
13. String of Text Convert to Binary
14. Simple Text Editor
15. Impress your GF/BF VB Tricks
16. Simple Login / Security
17. Loading / Splash Screen using Progress Bar
18. Human Resource and Payroll System - No Database - Beginners Code
20. Advance Login Form in VB 6.0 for System Security

GAMES in Visual Basic 6.0

1. Tic Tac To Full Source Code - Updated
2. Pacman Full Source Code - Updated
3. Trivia Game Full Source Code - Updated
4. Text Speech Full Source Code - Updated
5. PC to Mobile Caller using AT Command
6. PC to Mobile SMS using AT Command

Hard Code System Collection - Advance Visual Basic Programmers 

Automated Voting System

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This is Automated Voting System created in Visual Basic 6.0. It can generate reports like canvassing report and voters report(tracking of which year and section has the most and least number that participate). The system is also capable of generating unique Student ID and password.



Sales and Inventory System

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This is a Sales and Inventory System created in Visual Basic 6.0, it is capable of giving an output of Sales Report, Inventory Report and Products Report. The program has the means of sorting out reports depending on your desired category.

Point of Sale and Inventory System using Barcode

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This system is mainly for the stores that are using barcode scanner. Can print custom barcodes for products that don't have one.





Car Spareparts Sales and Inventory System

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Car Spareparts Sales and Inventory System is a program that uses ADO and some good functionalities. It uses listview control in displaying list of records,flexgrid and other activex controls that beautify the interface of the system.
Download this code and you will learn more in Visual Basic programming, such as the used API in database programming, custom functions and procedures to optimize your codes, data dynamic reporting, string manipulation and etc.

Simple Billing and Medical Records System

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This Simple Billing and Medical Records System is based on the process of Bacolod Diagnostic Center. Here, you can add and update patient information, calculate bills, encode and produce output for the Test Result. You can also retrieve past medical records of a specific patient.

Transmittal Recording Program

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Transmittal Recording Program - written in Visual Basic Classic

Payroll Management System

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This system is made with the Kenyan tax rates and the Kenyan deduction rates in mind. Therefore, the calculations for the deductions can only be used in Kenya.

POS and Inventory System

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Good day! fellow coders, my name is Leomar V. Ramos, and I'm sharing this piece
to you.This is a point of sales program with user management,supplier management,product categories,
product/items and etc.This program was written in Visual Basic with easy to understand coding techniques and user friendly interface.

Car/Auto Spareparts Management Operating System

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Sample program for Car/ Auto Sparepart Shop.


SMS Sending using Huawei Modem

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This simple program is capable of sending SMS using HUAWEI Dongle Modem (like Globe Tatoo USB Modem and alike) . The program is written in Visual Basic 6.0 using AT Commands...


POS Inventory System

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This is my project on System Analysis and Design.
POS Inventory System designed for Grocery and Super Market. this is my first complete application written in vb6. i hope this program will help on your projects and thesis. make this as your references.

Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System - VB6

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I would like to share here my Scheduling System, this system is only a part of my High School Enrollment System and my College Enrollment System that consist of 8 modules(registrar,grader,controller,scheduler,checker/assessor, collector/cashier,administrator, and the Web Transcript).
This system covers timetable for a school, high-school or university. It uses a fast and efficient timetabling algorithm.

Personnel/Employee Maintenance System

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Username : ADMIN
Password : ADMIN

Computerized Payroll System

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This program was created for LJME Engineering Services. Please comment and suggest


Hospital OPD System

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Hospital OPD System created in Classic VB and MS Access Database. This project is good for beginners for it offer a very simple design and coding.
Beginners, download now and don't forget to drop any comments for this post.
I hope this could help.
Happy coding coders!


ZEST Sales and Inventory Manager

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The stock management system of medical store is developed to overcome these most of the problems. By computerizing the system we can solve many problems which are exists in the manual system. After computerizing the system, they can finish their work in least amount of efforts. The computerized system has many gain & features which manual system can't give in any circumstances.

Fingerprint Scanner/Reader using Digital Persona

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This is a fingerprint scanner/reader that uses Digital Persona SDK. You can integrate this code if you have a Payroll System. The other version is GrFingerX.
You need the digital personal SDK before using this code. You can find this software at Digital Persona’s website.

ThumbSoft: Fingerprint Scanner/Reader using GrFingerX

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This is a fingerprint scanning system use for Daily Time Record. I am using GrFingerX library to scan the fingerprint.
You need to install the library from
I also include the GrFingerX.dll just in case the installer cannot register the library.

Class Scheduling System for Beginners

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Class Scheduling System - was created for beginners only. This program having the common functions in database manipulation such as (Add, Update, Delete, Search and Reloading records to fill the listview control).
This is good example to start database programming. Download now and drop your comments and suggestions.

Sample How to capture data from Magnetic Swipe Card reader/Credit Card Reader

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This Sample app shows how to use Magnetic card reader or credit card reader from MAGTEK
in your Windows based project in POS-Inventory, Payment using Credit Card Processing ,etc very useful for resto, gas stations, grocery stores,etc.
This time we will be using their SDK/ Active X/ COM components provided by MAGTEK for this model in the link above instead of using MSComm Component or Serial port class (.NET).
Magnetic swipe card Overview

Library System

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Sample library system that will handle the basic functions or activities in the library.
Features of the system:
1. Book records management
2. Database Backup and Restore Utility
3. Report Generation (Book Inventory, User's log, etc)


Military Human Resource Management System

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I have Developed this application in this year: it supports Amharic(Ethiopian language) and English


Banking System

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ACE Banking System
1.Add New Account
4.Transfer Amount One Account to Another
5.Close Account
In that Main Form The Title ACE Bank of India (R)
Here Double Click the Word (R)
And Give An User Name:admin
Password :admin
You can see the Account list


High School Enrollment System

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This system provides 5 modules.
1.) Enrollment Module - controller of subjects for student and etc.
2.) Registrar Module - student registration and etc.
3.) Cashier Module - Billing of accounts, payment of accounts, and other important reports
4.) Grader Module
5.) Administrative Module
This system also includes graphical scheduling procedure on room, subjects and teachers., Cashiering procedure, grader and many many more..

More updates coming soon...


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